3 free & effective DIY focus calibration systems


Living in a part of the world where lens to body calibration is not possible I was really happy when micro-focus adjustment, MFA, was introduced in dSLRs and it was a major decisive factor for me to change cameras yet another time.

Unfortunately MFA can be quite frustrating and time consuming if you do not rely on a solid method. I’ve been myself quite close to buying focusing system products but I just couldn’t justify the cost.

I have since found 3 reliable and free methods to adjust the focus of my lenses

Photographer of the week: Joshua Carlsen

When I first saw Joshua’s flickr stream I was directly attracted by his landscape pictures. His composition & use of slow shutter speed is definitely my kind!

And then I started digging a bit more into his photography and found how interesting and diversified Joshua’s photography was.

Take a moment & browse Joshua’s gallery on flickr and you are most likely to find, like I did, refreshing pictures with quite unusual perspectives.

And now a taste of his work in these 10 pictures

Photographer of the week: Tanya Traboulsi

This is the first time I have the chance to feature on Adidap a photographer from my homeland so you can only imagine how special this is for me!

I found Tanya’s website totally by chance and I was directly struck by her style, I like the way she compose her pictures and specially the way she sees and understands light.

Before I leave you with a sample of Tanya’s work I want to invite you all to visit her personal website at TanyaTraboulsi.com & make sure to go over her on stage pictures they are stunning.

And now, for your pleasure, here is a collection of 10 handpicked pictures from this Lebanese photographer.

Canon Instant Fall Rebates (Canada)

Canon Fall rebates for the year 2009 are now up and will run till October 31st.

So, if you live in Canda, here is the list of the rebated items.

Instant rebates, no more rebate forms!

6 things you forgot to do when you first got your new dSLR

Picture by Gone-Walkabout


You just got your brand new dSLR camera, you can’t wait to unpack it and start shooting with it. 

Here are a few things you will most probably forget to do before you snap your first picture.

  1. Charge the battery overnight: If am guilty of one that would be it. I can never wait long enough, I usually charge the battery a few minutes (30 min or so) before I start playing around. But, seriously, with the new battery technology is it really still important to charge the battery for 6 hours+ the first time?