How big is your Adobe Lightroom catalog? [Poll]

A question to all Adobe Lightroom users out there!

I am nearing 70k pictures in my Lightroom catalog and it is growing up steadily, I am very reluctant in splitting to many catalogs because I like the idea to be able to search for all my pictures in on single place.

So how big is your catalog ? Any idea what is the performance limit of Adobe Lightroom 2.x catalogs ?

I have read it is much better than the 1.x version but I am looking for real life experience.

Flickr + Twitter =

I’ve been lately noticing more and more people on twitter using URLs with the domain as short ULRs for their pictures on flickr so I decided to do some research and find out how they did this.

It turned out that the short URL of every picture is provided by flickr and is included in the HTML code of the flickr page page itself.

To find out the code to your picture here is what you should do

  1. Open the flickr page of your desired picture, e.g. 
    N.B.: make sure not to include any /in/set-xxxx in the URL, for e.g. will not work, you should stop before the in/set-xxxx part

The day I got hooked to live-view

Photo by Tiago Ribeiro

I clearly remember, not so long ago, I was “proud” to own a dSLR and not having a live-view. I couldn’t imagine taking picture with camera just looking a screen, I found that almost offending.

The day live-view hit the dSLR market I was really disappointed and was sure I was never going to use that feature.

However, just a few months after I got my Canon 40D (the first cam I ever owned with that feature) I am finding myself using live-view more and more and it is becoming a “must have” feature for me.

Here are 6 good reasons why I got hooked to live-view

29 fresh blogs and photoblogs to add to your RSS readers

It is time to share all the new blogs/photoblogs that answered my call. Although I did break my own “1 year” rule by a few months I couldn’t include blogs that have been running since 2006 or 2007 sorry !

So let’s get started


  1. “How I Took It” by Richard Hollins (RSS)
    Richard share with us how he took and processed some of his favorite shots
  2. “Alltag eines Fotoproduzenten” by R. Kneschke (RSS)
    German stock photography blog
  3. “More About Photography" by Mario Bucolo (RSS)
    Mainly interesting photography links that Mario shares with his readers

How to watermark using Adobe Lightroom

A couple of days ago @Plus961asked on twitter if it was possible to watermark pictures using Adobe Lightroom or if there was a need to “upgrade” to Adobe Photoshop.

Having no answers for the question back then I did some research on the issue and found out that it could indeed be done with the LR2/Mogrify plugin.

Here is a highlight about what you will need to use this plugin