Grandmother today…

I received this by email today and it is simply too good not to share !


Sorry I have no idea who did it so I can’t give proper credits


Time to run or time to shoot? [Poll]

If encountered a risky situation with your camera at hand, would you run or would you stop and shoot ?

A long time adidap reader and friend MIR is interested to know how far would a photographer go or how much would you risk to take a picture.

So if trapped in a hurricane, fire, war or other risky situation would you first think of fleeing away or grab some picture first?

Have you already faced this choice?

What would make you run? what would make you stand and shoot? is it the money? fame? sharing and transmitting the "moment" that otherwise would be lost ? …

please share your thoughts and experiences


Six must read articles about Firework shooting

Holidays are here & I was trying to get creative and offer a firework shooting article when I have realized that everyone else already did !

So, instead, I gathered the best six articles I found so I can save you some time.

You still have a few hours so read them and, above all, don’t forget to have fun while shooting. Enjoy the show and share the pictures

  1. How to Photograph Fireworks at
  2. The Best Way to Photograph Fireworks at
  3. Photographing Fireworks Tutorial at
  4. How to Photograph Fireworks Displays at
  5. Shooting Fireworks! at
  6. How To Photograph Amazing Fireworks at
  7. *update*Quick Tips: Photographing Fireworks at Canon Digital Learning Center

Now, just in case the above is not enough here is 10 spectacular pictures of fireworks to whet your appetite

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Calling all new photography bloggers

Photo by Ricardo Navarro (Doc)

Every now and then I get an email from people with new photography/photo blogs introducing their press.

Unfortunately I cannot link to all these blogs in my Saturday Links Fever section but I do understand, and still feel, the need to be read when you are just starting.

So ladies and gents here is the deal. If you are the owner of a young photography or photo blog drop me a comment on this post with a link to your blog and a brief description and I will honor you all with a post in one week time.

And now the rules

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Photographer of the week: Marc St. Pierre

Marc was scheduled to be featured last Friday but due to my unexpected travel I had to postpone it till today.

Marc is a professional photographer and I’ve had the chance to see various shots of his and I can tell you he has a lot of talent. However, Marc has chosen to share with us this week one of his favorite subjects: Aviation Photography.

As someone who has tried and failed to capture birds in flight, I can only imagine how hard it is be to be able to nail a shot of a high speed plane, but Marc has impressive ones even when the plane is coming straight at him.

For more of Marc’s work I will invite you to visit his gallery and, as a bonus, a video of Marc at work. And now the selection

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