Best of 2008 for 93 photographers

Jim’s project, “Best Photos From 2008″, was a success 93 photographers from around the globe shared their best work of 2008 and are not to be missed !

Do take care to visit these galleries, most are just wonderful

My best 10+3 pictures of 2008

For the second year Jim is running this blog project inviting us to share the best pictures we took during last year.

Here was my submission for last year’s project and here are 13 pictures I took during 2008 I’m particularly proud of.

Extending “Document Christmas” project deadline

Since I’ve only had 4 submissions for the project “Document Christmas” I will extend its deadline till January 6th 2009 the day Christmas is celebrated in some Christians rites.

So it is another chance for you to give it a try, with only 4 submissions your chances of winning are pretty pretty good.

Happy holidays to all

What’s your new year photography resolution ?

Christmas is here and the year is quickly reaching its end. It is the time of the year when we all start thinking about how we can make our life better and taking new year resolutions.

From a photography point of view I want to shoot more, think less about gear and technology and more about pictures.

I would really be interested in reading about your new year photography resolution so feel free to drop a comment about it and, if you care to share the best tip or trick you’ve learned in 2008 you can do it here.

What’s the best tip/trick you’ve learned in 2008 ?

A discussion more than a poll but I think it would be really interesting if one could look back at 2008 and share the best tip/trick he/she learned about photography during that year.

For me it is probably that I’ve learned to handhold the ND filter in front of the polarizers instead of using a filter holder for wide angle shots.

I’ve bee struggling with vignetting caused by the filter holder when coupled with a polarizer on my tokina 12-24 and then fellow photographer in DPReview suggest I should simply drop the filter holder and handhold the filter in front of the lens instead.