In your bedroom project winner

It is (big) time to finish the “In your bedroom” photography project.

I can’t say the project had a lot of entries but I would like to thank the 7 peoples who did take the time to participate and I am sorry for my poor performance in keeping it in a timely fashion.

Congratulations to Jesse Baynard for winning this project with 50% of all votes.

I would like to take the opportunity to remind you that there is a 1 year free pro smugmug account to be won right now at adidap (for a total value of $150) do not miss it!

Are you ready for ADIDAP 2010 Calendar ? [Poll]

The end of November will witness the birth of the first ADIDAP calendar made out of the best 12 pictures of our flickr group voted by you.

I am really tempted to repeat this experience in throughout 2009 and have another calendar ready for 2010.

So would you be interested in the idea ? Any comments/suggestions on improving this ?

There will be no voting system since I am interested in hearing you opinion, so just drop a comment.

Photographer of the week: Milo Baumgartner

I’ve been attracted to Milo’s pictures from the moment I’ve laid my eyes on his photostream. Milo has a strong in capturing the city life in very tasteful compositions.

He has this thing to find order in our daily chaotic life. Ever since I’ve subscribed to his stream I always wait for his next picture with enthusiasm because I know that every new picture is a source of inspiration.

Although Milo’s full gallery can be found at flickr I’ll give you here a taste of his art with 10 handpicked pictures from his portfolio.

I’m sure Milo is very interested to hear what you think about these, and so am I.
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7 pictures of reader’s bedrooms

Oh God I have some unfinished business here at adidap!

Before I went offline for a while, back in June, I’ve started a project calling to take pictures of your bedrooms and I’ve had 7 submissions to that project so here they are.
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Photographer of the week: Mike Shaw

I’ve following Mike’s work on DeviantArt for a few months and I must say that I love his work.

Mike is a passionate photographer shooting very diversified subjects going from street photography to landscape.

What really captures me in Mike’s gallery is the quality of his retouching. Colors or B&W he has this touch that make his pictures stand somewhere between painting and reality.

I invite you to visit Mike’s portfolio and would appreciate your feedback on this selection of his craft
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