Do you watermark your pictures? [Poll]

This is somehow a follow-up discussion on a previous poll but I’d like to know if you tend to watermark the pictures you publish on the web and why.

If you do it, is it because obvious reasons or only on specific site ? If not is it because you don’t really care about seeing your pictures used or because you don’t think anyone would use it anyway.

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Photographer of the week: Natalia Valle

For this week’s feature I have picked Natalia Valle.

If I have to summarize Natalia’s portfolio it would simply be “Pictures with a story” and that’s a lot !

If fact when I looked at Natalia’s pictures for the first time, I didn’t get lost with the colors, sharpness or compositions rather I stare lost in thoughts. Yes they make me think.

Natalia’s full gallery can be found at and, as usual I will give you a taste with 10 handpicked pictures of the portfolio.

Feedback is appreciated

Photographer of the week: Indah Susanti

Another new week and another great photographer featured here at adidap. I stumbled on Indah’s pictures when browsing the filckr explore page and I’m happy I did.

Her photo stream is a feast of colors and wonderful compositions. Ranging from macro to portrait Indah’s pictures are eye catching and have this little thing that will keep you hooked.

You can admire more of Indah’s work at her gallery and here is a teaser of 10 of her best pictures.

As usual feedback is appreciated by both Indah and myself.
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Tips for shooting star trails pictures

Trails (2008-10-19_ 40D_100-0746)
Picture by Antoine Khater


Star trails photography is at the same time easy and rewarding, it can produce results that will leave most viewers in awe with very little effort.
I will try to cover in this article the basic photography technique and equipment needed for star trails photography.
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Photographer of the week: Thamer Al-Tassan

This week I’d like to present you Thamer Al-Tassan !

Thamer has a very special style in photography as he always seems to try to “think out of the box”. He has shot the most well known places where most of us would have just went for the “cliche” approach with his own touch.

Thamer’s flickr gallery is a very interesting place and I know I will be enjoying each of his new submissions.

Here is a selection of his pictures, and we’d both appreciate your feedback.
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