For DSLR Owners Do you use a P&S regularly ? [Poll]

I started photography 5 years ago with a Minolta dImage, sold it after 3 months got myself a Canon 10D and never used a Point and Shoot camera again.

We do have a P&S that my wife keeps in he bag but I rarely (if ever) use it. So what about you (d)SLR users do you shoot with your P&S regularly and, if so, in what occasions.


Hello my name is Joe and I’m color blinded ! [Poll Results]

Another surprising poll result here at adidap !

The surprise is not that 76% of readers are not color blinded but that 100% of colors blinded who answered this poll shoot in colors.

In fact out of the 108 votes we got 24 people who contributed are color blinded and they all shoot in color.

Make sure to read the comments on this poll, the contribution and experience shared is really very interesting.

poll color blinded

Photographer of the week: Scott Ingram

When Scott submitted his portfolio for review I felt that his pictures have something fresh and pleasant and that they deserve to be given more exposure.
Scott is passionate about photography and exploring new places. He enjoys landscape photography and knows how to make use of leading lines.

Before leaving you with 10 of Scott’s best I’d like to point you to his gallery at flickr and I’d also appreciate if you could take the time to share your feelings about Scott’s work and your ideas about how he could move to the next level. So please take the time to comment on at least one of Scott’s pictures.
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James Nachtwey’s story breaks today

James Nachtwey has been documenting for the past 2 years a major and shocking story and he will be revealing his testimony today October 3rd 2008.

Nachtwey is probably the most famous war photographer of our times, his pictures are strong and capturing. What’s the new story about I have no idea but I can assure you it will be big and worthwhile.

Keep an eye on it, it is just a few hours of going public

38% of photographers are paranoiac! [Poll Results]

Back in June I have posted asking how you felt about sharing your pictures on the internet and the risk of having them used without previous permission.

The poll got about 150 votes 45% of which were not really concerned about seeing their pictures stolen and 38% admitting their were afraid of copyright violation.
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