Photographer of the week: Sven Seebeck

Another week and another “beautiful eye” landscape photographer. Sven is relatively new to the world of photography with under 2 years of experience under his belt. However his pictures are eye catching and well composed.

He’s obviously have a strong for landscape and an intuitive understanding for light. He is definitely the kind of photographer I’d keep and eye on since I believe it can’t be long before he gains more experience and recognition.

Sven work can be admired at and I will share with you now some of his best pictures.

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Pollution/Environment awareness Project

Image by pfala

Here is a photography project for you guys. And this one is rather special since it is not about capturing the beauty but the beast.

Here are the details

The Sponsor

This project is proudly sponsored by NunukPhotos . is a stock photography website specializing in science, nature and environmental photography. With instant downloads, provides photography to professionals worldwide 24 hours a day. The fully searchable database and clearly defined photo categorization also ensures that those in the field of “visual communication” find high quality science, nature or environmental imagery quickly and easily.

The project

The world we are living in is getting more polluted every minute. The project aim is to document the pollution you are experiencing in your area in a picture. What we are looking for is a documentary kind of photos that would raise environmental awareness in the viewer.

The rules

The project rules are rather simple

  1. The picture should be taken by you
  2. The picture should be taken DURING the project period
  3. The picture should be about pollution and/or environmental awareness
  4. Only ONE entry per person

How to participate

Once you’ve read and complied to the above stated rules submit the link to your picture using the “contact us” page before Saturday October 18th 2008.

The prize

The owner of the best picture will win a one year pro flickr account offered by

Photographer of the week: Marius Sabo

“Magical Landscapes”, “Wonderful Portfolio”, “Stunning pictures” all are comments you can easily find if you browse Marius gallery, and I can assure you that it is true, Marius pictures are full of colors and vibrant, they are like flush of fresh air.

Clouds, water, mountains and trees all seem to align in harmony in front of Marius lens. Oh well I guess that’s what we call talent!

This is just a taste of Marius work, for more visit his gallery
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Photographer of the week: Stina Stockholm

Stina is a regular of contributor to adidap’s flickr group and it was there when I first saw her craft.

Stina is a very versatile photographer that can shoot landscape, cityscape and portrait and reveal the hidden beauty inside each. She also enjoys the beauty of HDR and saturated pictures as well as muted colors and black and white.

I have learned to keep an eye on her flickr stream and I am always looking forward to see her new pictures. To admire more of Stina’s work make sure to visit her gallery.

And now a selection of Stina’s favorite pictures
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Canon is destined EVOLUTION

There have been quite a lot of hype going on about the Canon EOS 5D replacement for the past year or so. This fever reached an alarming level in the past few weeks with the approach of photokina. Not wanting to be an echo in the rumor mill I refrained from posting anything concerning the digital camera I’ve been hopping to see.

However today there is a teaser on canon website hinting for a new dSLR so this is no rumor! Could it be pointing to the 5D replacement (whatever they will call it) or more like a new 1D body ?

I have thrown the picture in Adobe Photoshop and played around with the curves to make the image brighter it looks like it has a built-in grip.

Check these links English & Japanese (I think)

What do you say ?