Photographer of the week: Victor Bezrukov

The pictures I am about to share with you today might be familiar for adidap regular readers since Victor is an active member of adidap flickr group but Victor is such a great photographer to my eyes that I had to dedicate a post for him.

His eye for composition is unique, his B&W conversion superb, and I find it hard to believe that he uses only ambient light and 1 external flash for his work.

Victor’s gallery is a must see you will find there both beauty and inspiration, I know I did.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, here is a teaser of Victor’s talent
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Are you color blinded? [Poll]

A question that has been killing me quite sometimes.
Color blindness is pretty common and I am sure that, at least, some of color blinded people should love photography.

What I am trying to know is if color blinded photographers shoot in color or only in B&W. I would be really interested in reading your experience instead of just voting.

So if you suffer from color blindness and are a photographer, drop down a comment
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Photogrpahy Project: In your bedroom

Time for a second photography project and for that one I will ask you to take a picture of your bedroom.
The picture itself can be of just an object or a global view, but it just has to be taken in your bedroom

Project details

  • Take a picture of your bedroom or a special object that is permanently located in your bedroom
  • Post the photo on your blog photoblog website flickr zoomr etc…
  • Go to the project contact form on this page, enter your name email and link to your submission

Project Rules

  • Entries are Limited to ONE entry per person
  • Photos should be shot during the project time

Project prize

The owner of the winning picture will receive a 1 year pro picnic account

Project Entry form

project closed

Photographer of the week: Steve Morris

Steve lives in England in an old town called Shrewsbury and is passionate for low light photography. His pictures are vibrant with colors and sometimes it is really hard to believe you are not looking at a painting.

Steve seems to be a master of slow shutter photography, light painting and retouching and uses them to create carefully composed crafts that will leave you staring in dreams.

There is so much that can be said about Steve’s work but when you have a gallery in the top 8 of all time voted galleries at pbase your pictures speak for themselves !

After enjoying this selection make sure to visit Steve’s porfolio for more exquisite photography
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Are you paranoid about your work? [Poll]

I have noticed a lot of people are rather worried about their work to be copied/used on the internet without permission so they watermark their pictures while others, equally good photographers, have no problems sharing fair resolution of their photos under Creative Common license or such.
I am not trying to judge anyone here, I totally understand why someone would not want his pictures used without previous permission however I am just trying to find out if their is a whatsoever relation between watermarking/protecting and being a pro. i.e. if most people trying to protect their work actually make a living from photography.