Photographer of the week: Tomas Webb

Tomas Webb ! Does the name rings a bell ? No ! I am not surprised, I’ve known Tomas for around 5 months and it is the first time I get to know his real name.
Tomas is known in the photography websphere by Tam or ultimately by the_wolf_brigade now I’m sure that name is much more familiar for most of you.

If I have to define Tomas in just two words I’d choose “Film Revolution” ! In a time when most photographer are leaving their film cameras and going heavily into the digital age, Tam is enjoying his “old” cameras and I have to admit his passion for film is contagious.

B&W lover and supporter, Tam has a strong understanding for lines and light. So if you are a film or B&W lover and looking for some inspiration make sure to bookmark Toma’s flickr stream, his next picture is always a good surprise.

Internet Acronyms for Photographers

Internet acronyms are sometimes hard to figure out specially for non-geeks who do not spend 12 hours+ a day on internet.
Joseph Kurkjian took the time to build a list of the most frequently used internet acronyms in photography and started a thread about it at dpreview. Since I know this thread will be soon lost in the flow I thought it would be interesting to pass it. So here it is and feel free to add yours to the list

Photographer of the week: Jim M. Goldstein

I am happy to feature this week Jim on adidap!

Jim is a fellow blogger and a great photographer and I have been following his work for quite some time and, I was happy to know, he has been a regular reader of adidap too.

Jim’s nature and wildlife photos are great and inspirational, definitely the kind of guy who’s not afraid to do the extra mile to get the picture he wants.

Oh I know I should stop talking and leave you with the weekly selection but I want to add that I also appreciate the subtle retouching of Jim, never overdone.

Finally I’ll invite you to visit Jim’s website and blog and now some pictures

50% of photographers are LEFT eyed !!! [Poll Results]

Oh MY GOD, now that’s a real surprise !!!

When I think that most photographers I know here in Lebanon look at me as if I was an alien because I’m left eyed. Out of the 200 votes we got on the left eyed or right eyed poll 100 are left eyed.

Here is the full break down of the results

Rebates start today

Just a quick reminder that the Canon Spring rebates start today.
Full info about these rebates can be checked here