Canon users don’t blame your LCD

I’ve been a Canon user ever since my first DSLR and one of the things that always frustrated me is the uselessness of the LCD to evaluate the sharpness of your pictures.

In fact on the back LCD if you try to zoom while reviewing a picture it will quickly becomes pixelated and blurry. No need to tell you my deception when I was trying a friend’s Nikon and noticed the picture was perfect even after a 10x zoom and he could easily check if it was sharp or not.

Some research showed that Nikon uses higher quality LCD’s on their DSLR’s than Canon, and it looked like everyone complaining was associating this problem to the LCD quality. However I have also find out that this is not the truth.

Canon’s LCD is as good as the LCD of a regular laptop so this should be good enough, the real problem is that Canon uses a 2 megapixel image as a review one.
If you have one of the newest Canon bodies with liveview you would notice that the image is pretty clear when this mode is activated even when zoomed in 10x.

So come on Canon all it takes to resolve this problem is a firmware upgrade, nothing more.

Sensor dust: Cause prevention is better than cure

Sensor dust is probably one of the worst nightmares of DSLR owners. Manufactures are trying hard to solve this problem with the introduction of “auto sensor cleaning” features in the newest bodies like the Canon EOS 40D or 450D.
Sensor dust will show in pictures as dark spots that will appear constantly at the same place and will be more pronounced at small apertures.

As of today there is no “dust free” solution for DSLR cameras yet, the sensor will accumulate dust over time and you can either learn to live with it or clean it regularly, however some precautions could considerably reduce this problem.

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13 of the best flickr silhouette pictures

By definition a silhouette picture is an image where a dark foreground is outlined against a lighter background.
This type of photography is usually achieved by placing your subject in a bright scene and let your camera meter for the background e.g. A person at sunset. The resulting image will be a black, usually without details, focal point that is outlined in a well exposed scene.

For your inspiration and pleasure here is a collection of 13 of the best silhouette pictures that can be found at flickr under the Creative Common License.
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Photographer of the week: Arcak Askin

I’ve been away for nearly a full week I hope you guys are still around! I am sorry for that but we had an urgent migration to deal with at work and it was an overwhelming experience, but I’m back on track.
Today I present to you Arcak Askin the photographer that signs under the name of Eastanbul at flickr.

If you like simple compositions, outstanding lighting, colors that feels coming right out of a cinema moving and, above all, delicious depth of field play and bokeh then I can assure you you will be love Eastanbul’s work.

I will leave you now with a handpicked collection of Arcak’s best pictures
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Download Canon Digital Photo Professional 3.3 Today

Oh my God, I missed Saturday Links fever and the flickr round by a few days!
This lag is due to a project at work that is keeping me sleepless but I promise I would have caught up by Wednesday.
In the meantime I want to let you know that Canon Digital Photo Professional ” ((“DPP”))” is now available for download with some real nice improvements.

This download is NOT yet an official Canon release and available only for Microsoft Windows OS.
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