Photographer of the week: Leanne Lim-Walker

Leanne totally got me hooked the day I came across her photo-stream at flickr. Ever since I find myself just coming back for more of her portrait work.

The freshness and the uniqueness of her composition is really inspiring ! When I look at the quality of her work and notice that most were done with “just” a camera a kit lens and available light I think “GOD I need some work!”.

Here is a teaser of the quality of work you would find if you check Leanne on Flickr
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Photographer of the week: Mac Logue

I can simply summarize all what I want to say about Mac in one of two sentences
“Food the way you have never seen it before” or “The man who made me want to give food photography a try”.

Tasteful composition and delicate lighting seems to be 2 keys for Mac’s great work, I have rarely been inspired by food pictures before but these are a different story.

Mac is a great photographer who post his photos on flickr under the pseudo of Rotten Jimmy, make sure to check his photostream for more great stuff.
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Canon announces the D60 !

Hold your horses it is not even true but rather a GROSS of a magazine. Gee ! Can you imagine the awareness level of the person who wrote this “article”.

Poor guy I really don’t want to be in his shoes, don’t stop at the picture read the text you will even discover a “Canon EXPEED engine” !!

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How do you name your pictures ?

This was intended to be a poll but honestly I wasn’t able to figure out the answers I would put so I will try it as a discussion.

I am interested to know how do you name your pictures ! I know for instance some people call a picture depending on the location it was taken at, others with a serial number etc…

I personally tend to give a unique name to each picture just like a child would do with a him favorite toy, I feel it is much more “personal”! Names I choose are usually out of my state of mind when I was shooting or post processing.

Share your experience and thoughts with me on that !

Photographer of the week: Seetharam Maddali

When I first picked up Seetharam as photographer of the week I was mainly attracted by his birds pictures, however I have discovered that he is also very talented in all nature and wildlife.

The beauty of Seetharam pictures talk for themselves, great craft of God’s creation.

I will invite you all to visit Seetharam website to admire more of his photos.

I am Seetharam Maddali, a freelance nature photographer. “Nature and wildlife are my passions. My interest is to express nature and it’s beauty as artistic as possible through the powerful means of photography “

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