How to shoot/photograph the beauty of Aurora Borealis/Northen Lights

This is a guest post written by Bud Kunzeli, Bud lives in Alaska and have been shooting Northen lights for years. He was kind enough to write this essay highlighting the most important aspect of Aurora Photography. Bud’s work can be viewed at

There are very few people who have more opportunity to view Northern Lights than those of us living in Central and Northern Alaska. I shoot the lights a lot. I shoot for 6 hours or more some nights. Some nights they are out 5 minutes other nights, 5 hours. Often it’s chilly.

Photographer of the week: Patrick Di Fruscia

Honestly I don’t know how I can introduce Patrick. Patrick for me is more than just a photographer I admire. In fact, for the past couple of year, Patrick has been for me a friend and an inspiration.

I met Patrick on Photosig and I was so amazed by his portfolio that I emailed him. Patrick’s reaction was much more than just a polite thanks, he took the time to chat with me and help me out many times by looking at my pictures and commenting on them.

If at a personal level Patrick is great his work is nothing less than wonderful. Although I have never seen a picture he took that was not landscape, he has a unique way of composition that, I think I could recognize his pictures just by looking at it. Any place through his lens would look just WOW.

Of course I have prepared a collection of his best photos however to see more of his work make sure to visit

Canon EOS 450D Manual available for download

A very quick note for those planning to buy the new Canon EOS 450D. The English manual is now available from Canon website.
It’s at the bottom of the Guides and Manuals section in the Drivers and Download page.

You can also download it directly through this link

Got a New Nikon D300 ? Start here !

I don’t own a Nikon D300 but I am sure many of you do or are thinking of buying one.
I stumbled today on a wonderful thread at DPReview full of resources that will help anyone still struggling with the D300 or about to buy one.
I found this compilation really informative and thought it might interest you so here it is

How to hold your digital camera ? The ultimate guide…

How to hold your digital camera
I have been thinking of writing a guide about how to hold your DSLR but a quick search and a recent thread on DPReview revealed to me that there are out there much more than what I can write, so instead I have made for you a special list of the best articles I found.

Proper holding a SLR camera can make the difference between a sharp image and a blurry one, it can also keep fresh after hours of shooting or tired with arm and back pains after a short moment. No matter how old or new you are in photography I do not think it would be a waste of time to read an article or two of the ones I am about to present you. You might be surprised how easy we can pick up a bad habit.