35% of photographers have more than 5 filters ! [Poll results]

When I asked you “how many filters do you have?” I was pretty sure the majority will fall in the “3 to 4” range but how wrong I was !

What is interesting is the repartition of votes, if 40% of photographers have only 1 or 2 filters 35% have 5 or more and only 11% have none.

I was also surprised to read in the comments that many have filters but don’t even acutally use them

Here are the full results out of 110 votes for this poll
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Photographer of the week: Stephen Gray

I first saw Stephen’s work on ADIDAP’s flickr group and I have been captivated by his eye.

I am a hard lover of minimalism photography and Stephen is a great in minimalist composition.

His pictures are simple yet effective, he simply knows how to turn a common scene into an great picture.

Before leaving you with a selection of Stephen’s best pictures, I will invite you to visit xgray.org for more of his work.
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Right eyed or left eyed ?

You should have seen that youtube video by now since it has been on a lot of photography blogs that I read.
For some reason that video reminded me that I am left-eyed / right handed.
I would be interested to know about you
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Photographer of the week: Paul Moody

If you are a flickr regular chances are that you already know Paul Moody.
Paul is the kind of person who documents his daily life with a camera and he does it beautifully !
Paul lives in what seems to be a wonderful places and is a very versatile photographer. He enjoys shooting nature, his dog and even himself.

Browse Paul’s photostream and you will find there a lot of inspiration, I know I do !

And now the selection
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Polarizer: Another must have filter !

I have previously categorized the Neutral Density filter as a “must have filter for any landscape photographer lover. And the reason was that it is one of the rare filters which effect cannot be reproduced in the digital darkroom.

Polarizers would be the other filters fitting that description.

What does a Polarizer do?

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