Got a stock photography question ?

I will soon have a guest post on ADIDAP regarding stock photography. In order to make most of this post I am trying to prepare a list of questions for my guest so he knows better what to focus on in the article.

This is a subject I know nothing about so if you have any questions about that matter that you would like to tackle drop it here.

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand
This is my submission for the Iron Chef Photography: Fork

I took these pictures with very rudimentary equipment, since I don’t have a way to trigger my external flash off shoe, I just set my camera to 2 sec exposure in a pitch black room and I was triggering the flash manually speaking, so it took me a good deal of trial and error to get the desired effect.

Post processing on this one is minimal, just curves to increase contrast and resizing for web.

Here are other compositions I tried for that project but ended up liking this one more.
Fork project CandidateFork project CandidateFork project Candidate

Bypass Flickr spaceball.gif the easy way

While working on Lucy’s post I was faced with a problem I’m sure many of you already encountered.
Lucy blocks her picture from being downloaded, so flickr wouldn’t allow me to just “right click -> save picture as” and will show the infamous spaceball.gif to save instead.

There are several solutions to bypass this protection one of them being to access the source page and copy the link right from it, being to lazy to do that I figured out a much easier way.

I’m sure you all heard about the “On Black” flickr tool from BigHugeLabs, and this is exactly what I used.

Just open the picture with it and you get back the easy “Save as” functionality with no source hacking or additional software installation.

I have to mention that I did ask for Lucy’s permission before posting her pictures but she sent me links to the the flickr pages and not hotlinks to the pictures and I didn’t have time to contact her again, so don’t use that to download pictures you are not allowed to!

Photographer of the week: lucy_nka

I stumbled on lucy’s photostream a few days ago in flickr and I was directly captivated by her street pictures.
Shooting mainly in Black and White, each exposure is story telling. It is hard to look at them and not think twice.

Every photo has a touch of mystery that I cannot explain in words, is it composition, is it vignetting, is it light or is it post processing ? I wouldn’t know. But these are definitely the kind of pictures I could just stare at and find myself lost in thoughts.

Here is a selection of Lucy’s work but make sure to add her on flickr, the kind of photostream you don’t want to miss !
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10 places I would like to visit before I die…

Do you keep track of your dream ? Since I have been stuck with the never ending time/money relation, i.e. When you can afford it you don’t have time for it, when you have time you can’t spare the money. I have learned to note down the things that are really important for me so I don’t forget them.

One of the many lists I keep is a list of the places I would like to visit before I die, going over that list again I have noticed that the reason I would like to visit all these places is PHOTOGRAPHY.

So here is, in no specific order, the list of the 10 places I wish to visit someday
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