More than 32% of photographers prefer to fix it later [Poll Results]

A few weeks ago I have asked you if you use Auto or Custom white balance ?. The poll got just under 150 votes 41% of which were for Auto White balance and 42 votes for “Shoot RAW worry about white balance later”.
The results were as follows
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Flickr testimonials love: Round 2

When I posted last week that I wanted to giveaway some Flickr love I didn’t know exactly what to expect. However it seems the initiative was very well received so why not have a round 2.

Although I said that I was going to leave testimonials for the first 10 people to show interest I ended up leaving about 15. However I had to cut is short somewhere. It is just that I am the kind of persons that hate to hate a very long to do list.

So if you dropped a comment last week and didn’t get your testimonial please feel free to ask again in this thread. I will try to fit, let’s say, 15 people this week.

So what you will have to do ?
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Photographer of the week: Gene Smirnov

Gene is not exactly your “everyday” photographer style. There is a lot of raw beauty in his pictures. His creations are so different, to my eyes, that they are almost shocking. It is simply that my eyes are not used to so much truth in pictures.

Each of his exposure is carefully planned, composed and lit to give the scene a very natural aspect. Make sure to check for all of Gene’s work.
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How many filters do you have ? [Poll]

Since I’ve been writing about filters lately, I was wondering how many filters do you guys have in your bags!
For me I have 5 9: 3 Neutral Density filters, 2 Circular Polarizers, 4 UV filters used for lens protection .
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8 Postcards from around the globe

Well that’s it the “Send me a Postcard” project has finished and I got 7 submissions from different part of the world and with mine that makes 8 of them.
Unfortunately most failed to specify the location of the picture.
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