67% prefer to shoot alone [Poll Results]

Here are the results of last week’s poll and , although I was suspecting that the majority might prefer to take pictures alone, I was not expecting a 67% result.

Me? well just like Udi I prefer to shoot with my wife but she gets too quickly bored of waiting for me !
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Going down…

2008-02-16_Canon EOS 30D_101-4518
This is my submission for Neil’s project The View from Below

This is the picture of an old church in the village of Batroun in North Lebanon. I was there shooting during the week end and took this shot for the project.

I know that it could use much enhancements specially with regards to contrasts, however I do not have Adobe Photoshop installed on my computer yet ” ((“I have recently formated”))” and I didn’t want to miss the deadline so this is a quick one done with Picasa.

On a more personal note I LOVE low viewpoint shoot and find myself shooting on my knees quite frequently.

Do you use Auto or Custom white balance ? [Poll]

I’ve recently got in my inbox a question about White Balance that I haven’t had the chance to answer yet. However it got me thinking that I have my camera set to Auto White balance 90% and the other 10% of the time it is custom white balance taken from a Grey card. No matter how hard I try I don’t remember ever using the preset white balance modes of my camera like “Shades”, “Tungsten” etc…
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Why are white lenses … white ?

Photo by seekyu
God knows how many times I’ve read this question in photography equipment forums “Why are most Canon L lenses white?” or “Can’t Canon give me a black L lens?” etc…

Well first of all there are quite few Canon L lenses that are black and second Canon is not the only manufacturer that “offers” white lenses. Lenses are white for a reason.

Why Lenses are white?

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Photographer of the week: Greg Evans

Today allow me to present to you Greg Evans. Greg’s love lies in taking pictures of cars, however he does it so well that one could easily say that Greg is Car Portrait photographer!
His pictures are so carefully crafted, in terms of composition, post processing, and depth of field that you directly feel that the car is posing for him.
I would have never thought I would enjoy looking at automotive pictures so much, Greg those are worth any A grade publicity campaign photo I’ve seen thanks!
To admire more of Greg’s work make sure to visit GregEvansPhotography and now the selection
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