Neutral Density Filters: What are they & when to use them ?

Photo by tico_bassie
A few days ago I was shooting when someone passing by stopped to ask me “what are all these pieces of glass you put in front of the lens?” ” ((“This is a translated version of the question” ))” so this got me thinking that maybe some of adidap’s readers are not familiar with filters either! So today I will be writing about Neutral Density Filters, aka ND Filters, not to be confused with Graduated Neutral Density filters, or ND Grad filters ” ((“I will write about those later”))”.

49% prefer to play it safe ! [Poll Results]

I was surprised by the poll results of last week’s question “Do you put all your eggs in one basket ?“. Although I was not exactly expecting one specific answer to win over the other, I did not expect either a 50/50 situation.

I also had some added answers

  • 1 to 2 gig max: I considered this as small cards
  • 100-200 shots per card: This went to small cards too
  • A few big cards and older smaller cards: I added this one to Few big cards

Results were as follows

Are you a lonesome photographer? [Poll]

I am curious to know if you are the type of person that thinks “the more the merrier” or do you prefer to go alone with you gear for shooting?
So what do you prefer ?

Biran’s secret

If you are a regular reader of EpicEdits then I am sure you have noticed that Brian wasn’t quite himself the past week. Well I am about to tell you why ;)

Well Brian Auer, Neil Creek, Andrew Gibson, Andreas Manessinger, Cody Redmon, David Ziser and Joseph Szymanski have gotten themselves into a new adventure The Fine Art Photo Blog.

Photographer of the week: Sabyasachi Patra

Sabyasachi Patra is a fellow photographer from India that has for passion shooting tigers in the wild forests of India!

Although Sabyasachi is not a professional photographer, his pictures are magnificent and earned him national and international renomè.

Being attacked twice by tigers wasn’t enough to change his mind to capture these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat. Sabyasachi simply thinks it was his own fault if he was attacked and that “animals are always much safer than human beings”.

To appreciate the pictures we’re about to see even more, just think that some were captured with only a 70-200mm, imagine how close to the big cats Sabyasachi was !

For the full work of Sabyasachi Patra make sure to visit