Claim your FREE Kingston 4GB CF Card NOW !

Adorama is currently selling the Kingston Technology 4 GB, 133x Elite Pro Compact Flash Memory Card for $40 with a $40 mail rebate !
So technically speaking you can get it for free after rebate you just have to pay $5 or so for the shipping !

As many of you already know I do not live in the US so I can’t claim mail rebates, I don’t even know how it happens however if you do and happen to need some extra space for free I think it is a good deal. You will have to decide pretty fast since the rebates ends tomorrow February 8th 2008 !

ADIDAP no one is excluded ! [Poll Results]

Last week I asked you to rate your photography skills. The poll got just under 150 replies and it seems we have more Professionals than Newbies with a large majority of Advanced Amateurs !
Results are as follows

A few comments !
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Do you put all your eggs in one basket ? [Poll]

I have been struggling with this question for quite some time, is it OK to have one big CF/SD card or it is safer to have many smaller ones, and where is the cut between practicality and safety?

Myself I never had the guts to buy a CF card bigger than 1 GB, I have a lot of 1GB cards and a few 512MB even and I always feel it is safer that way. Having recently loss 80 pictures due to a card corruption I am happy with my decision. However I feel it is somehow overkill to carry all these cards, I would be much better with 1 or 2 4GB cards.

So what do you guys do ?
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Flickrees organized riot against flickrosoft

It is all over the web Microsoft offered 44.6 Billions US dollars to buy Yahoo on Friday!

44.6 Billions US dollars and who is concerned the most? Flickr users!

Yes, It seems that Flickr fans are not happy at all about the news at all and they gather showing their malcontent and frustration doing what they know how to do best, UPLOADING IMAGES!

The just newly created group MICROSOFT: KEEP YOUR EVlL GRUBBY HANDS OFF OF OUR FLICKR already count 951 members 128 photos and 33 posts !

If you feel frustrated about the news we’re giving away a Smugmug PRO account 😉

A small notice some pics there are not exactly “work safe” and contains bad language !

Via TechCrunch

Photo project: Send me a postcard

Picture by Bête à Bon-Dieu
Don’t worry folks I won’t ask you to actually send me one but rather to shoot it for me.

We all come from different places and cultures and everyone of us has a different story to tell about his region, town or city.
The purpose of this 4 weeks photography projects is to show your landmark, any natural or human made edifice that would uniquely identify the place you live in !

That would be like the Pigeon Rocks for Beirut or the Statue of Liberty for New York etc… It does not have to be so famous or well known just a picture that reflects or identify the place you call home.
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