The Canon 450D is here, read between the lines !!

Although this is fresh news it is already wide spread ! Canon just announced a few hours a go the EOS 400D (or xti) replacement the Canon EOS 450D (or xsi) at a body only price of $800.

Its main new features are

  • 12.2MP CMOS DIGIC III sensor: I wonder what a 12.2MP on a APS-C sensor, aren’t we pushing the technology a little to far?
  • Auto Lighting Optimizer
  • EOS Integrated Cleaning System: Nothing new here
  • 3.0” LCD with Live View shooting: Expected
  • SD/SDHC cards storage : What about those who previously invested in CF cards ?

Anyway the clear message in all this is that Canon is not about to provide us with in-body stabilization, they even list as a feature on the main page of the 450D “Image Stabilizer (IS) Lens support” and in the description you can read

…Offering correction up to four-stops and providing a more stable viewfinder image than in-camera stabilization, in-lens stabilization is the preferred choice of both amateur and professional photographers…

So if you are among the people who were craving for in-body stabilization looks like Canon just gave you a clear answer didn’t they !

The Canon 450D official web page and its sample gallery

15 unique stairs pictures

Stairs come in all sizes and shapes and can be found everywhere, they always make great photography subjects.
Their patterns offer unlimited photography potentials and they can be shot from virtually any angle, from the old lost forest stair to the modern urban one they are enough to fit any taste.

Here is a collection of wonderful stairs pictures that, I am sure, will inspire you next time you take your camera on a walk.

Looking up

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DIY: $1 and pocket sized monopod


I haven’t tried this so I cannot judge its effectiveness !
Although I really doubt it would be as effective as a monopod, I do think this is a good trick to learn since it can easily be implemented and used when a monopod is hard to carry around or not available.
So let’s consider it as a MacGyver photography trick shall we ?

Do you print your own pictures ?

I would like to know what do you guys do ! I have been shooting for 5 years+ find myself having more than 50k pictures, spend a lot of time retouching them but never print any !

Well not exactly never but let me say very rarely usually it happens whenever my wife needs a new print to hand on the walls or some of the kids pictures other than that I enjoy my pictures on my desktop wallpaper what about you Do you print your own pictures ?

Poll is close results can be found here

What is a ring flash and do I need one ?

cheryl Says: what exactly does the ring flash do… show a picture with it would be helpful

In a recent comment I got the following input and I have realized that some things that I take for granted are not that obvious for others. So I will try to address this question in this post !

As its name indicates, a ring-flash is a flash light that has the form of a ring that has 2 main purposes !

Macro Photography

In macro, or closeup, photography, the ring flash is mounted on the lens and casts an even light on your macro subject thus eliminating shadows and emphasizes texture and details ! Here is a sample image taken with the Canon MR-14EX macro ring flash.

Picture by Dalantech

Portrait/Fashion/Glamour Photography

Larger and usually needing a separate power source, those ring flashes are used in portrait or fashion photography. They are know to produce a shadowless light on the subject and are characterized by a 3D “halo” shadow that appears on the background. Their obvious downside, apart from their price, is that they are bulky and not easy to move around.

Picture by zoule

Being rather expensive, people have invented all kinds of hacks and modifications to build their own for cheap and I have blogged about a couple before here at ADIDAP here and here

I hope that answers the question Cheryl please if it doesn’t let me know