Got a Canon 40D ? Get this book !

This is, in my opinion, a must have book for any owner, or owner to be, of the Canon EOS 40D.
Written by David Busch, it covers in details, and in an easy to understand way, all aspects of the 40D, some even claim it is the missing Canon manual .

324 pages with a lot of pictures and diagrams laid out as follows
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DIY: Egg Crate Grid for Diffusion Panels


This is a guest post by Robert Mitchell from Robert Mitchell Photography. Thank you Robert for this great DIY tutorial.

I just completed testing my new DIY Egg Crate Grid for my floor to ceiling diffusion panel. Total cost was about $30.

The material used is actually called ‘egg crate’, it’s sold in 2 ft x 4 ft panels just like lighting panels themselves and can be found in the lighting department of Home Depot, Lowes, and some hardware stores. They’re made of white plastic and have a grid of about 1 inch x 1 inch. I primed the plastic and then painted in black, giving it a few coats to make sure that all the corners and insides of the ‘honeycomb’ were evenly covered.

For my grid I kept the 4 ft length and put 2 panels side by side, cutting one of them down to 16 inches so it would fit right over my diffusion panel width of 40 inches, with a grid size of 48 inches x 40 inches. The plastic is very easy to cut with a heavy duty scissor or cutter. The 2 panels were joined together with small nylon cable ties and I tied them every 5 squares. That holds them very tight against each other.
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Photographer of the week: Andrew Eksner

I first met Andrew when I saw some of his pictures in a thread at dpreview and I was attracted to his pictures. Andrew is a landscaper who make strong use of the leading lines. His composition is very characteristic and his colors are so true that I really wonder if he even retouches his pictures !
Let’s see how Andrew’s “discovering the wonders of the world” to put it in his own terms !
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My best 10 pictures of 2007

I have decided to submit my entry to Jim’s best of 2007 project so here is a collection of the best 10 pictures I took during that year !
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You’ve got a project ? I’ve got a wiki !

I never thought setting up a wiki would be so tiring ! I’ve been sleepless for 2 nights in a row but I finally got it working ” ((“or let me say almost :)”))”, so here is the idea !

What is it ?

There are so many great photography projects coming out from various photography blogs that I wanted to consolidate them all in one place. A place that would hold, with time, the history of photography projects so I setup for that.
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