Honey ! Where is my cam ?

Honey ! Where is my cam ?

“I’m camera shy” OK I said it, now the story !
I promised Brian that I will participate in the “Shoot yourself” project and a promise is a promise !
So tonight I have waited for all the house to sleep, completely ignored the millions on the internet I’m exposing myself to, took the camera and shot myself !

Canon EOS 30D with Tokina 12-24 at 12mm f/4, 1/250s with one external flash

I took about 25 pics and this is the one I have selected for the project

Photographer of the week: Doug Barber

I’ve not been very active on this section of ADIDAP lately but I guess it is a good section and one of my new year’s resolutions is that I will post a Photographer of the Week every Friday. So if you have some names you want to nominate as POTW do contact me !
Now for this week I’ve picked up a great photographer and a net friend Doug Barber !
Doug is a versatile photographer he shoots landscapes, still life but what really amazes me is the way he understands people ! He can turn almost any “normal” setup into an eye catching portrait image !
Not only this Doug is also great with light painting technique

You are suffering photography overdose if

photography 40D fun ad

Honestly I do ! Do you ?

via DPReview

Minimalism: because complexity sucks !

I am a big fan of minimalist compositions ! I like the simplicity it just relaxes my eyes but what are the “must have” ingredients of minimalism ?


In a minimalist composition the main subject, or focal point, of the picture usually takes just a little portion of the frame answering the rule of third with a lot of open or empty space around .
This will give the eye room to relax , wander freely around the frame and then “rest” on the focal point. Make sure to remove all unneeded objects and clutters from your shot.

Going with the grain

This post is Brian Auer’s, from Epic Edits, contribution to the Christmas Blog post exchange

I love those grainy, gritty, dirty, fuzzy, noisy photos — you know the kind. Technically they may have their flaws, but artistically they’re inspirational. To me, grain or noise can add a lot of impact to a photo and change the mood quite rapidly.