DIY : Poor’s man ring flash


I’ve previously discussed here a a do it yourself methods to build a ring flash but this one is by far the cheapest 🙂

It is not exactly a ring flash but rather a flash diffuser done with milk-jug, so it is practically free
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Flickr and Picasa news

How does it feel putting those two in the same title hein 🙂 No calm down there is no merge today just a “common” post to update you about what is new in each …

Flickr Stats released
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5 good reasons why I will never use Shareapic

If you are a TechCrunch reader than you must have read today the post about Shareapic Pays You To Host Pictures. As far as I know, Share a pic is the first service that actually pays you to host pictures. They will not only allow you to host unlimited number of pictures but they will pay you a $0.22 CPM to use their services.

Tempting you say for a photography blogger ? Well I have at least 5 good reasons why I will never use their services.

SmugMug does it again

Less than 12 months after its complete web 2.0 relaunch, SmugMug raises, once again, the bar for the competition by releasing a new set of features.

They call it “SmugMungous”
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Tips on Photographing Christmas Ornaments

In this article of reader’s section raspberrytart shares with us tips that will improve our Christmas Ornaments pictures. All pictures in this article are by raspberrytart

There’s something magical about Christmas ornaments. When you unpack them from their boxes and prepare to put them on the tree, there’s dozens of memories associated with the little baubles–vacations to Hawaii, a child’s art project, or a friendship. Then again, maybe you just bought them because you thought they were pretty. In any case, they make great subjects to photograph. Here are some tips to help you get the most in capturing your ornamental subjects.
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