The future of sensor cleaning

I got this today by email, thought I would share it just for the fun

Free Canon 1D series actuation counter

Here is a small freeware for the owners of Canon 1D series camera. It will read out of any JPG or RAW image taken with the Camera the shutter actuation.

N.B.: Doesn’t work with the new Canon 1D mark III
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Get you WIFI 2GB SD card for $99

It has been spreading around for the past 24 hours like a virus, the WIFI SD cards are now a reality.

What are we talking about?
Well a “regular” SD card that can fit into your digital camera and store up to 2GB worth of pictures and then it will automatically connect to your favorite online album or computer over WIFI networks and uploads the photos directly, no cables no card readers nothing ! Cool isn’t it?

How it works?
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A 3D view at Flickr Interestingness

flickr tiltviewer
flickr tiltviewer
Everybody love flickr and there are tons of web applications out there to browse and explore the most beautiful s pictures knows as flickr Interestingness.

If you are a fan of Macromedia Flash chances are you will love that
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Download Canon Digital Photo Professional 3.2 today

Canon made available for download today the latest version of its RAW converter Digital Photo Professional.

Digital Photo Professional, or DPP, 3.2 will be bundled with the new Canon 1Ds Mark III and has many new features like
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