Canon RAW codec 1.2 for Windows Vista

Canon just released today the version 1.2 of its RAW codec for Windows Vista.
Installing this codec will allow you to see natively in Windows Vista explorer the thumbnails/preview of RAW images taken with Canon DSLR the same way it currently does with JPG.

Version 1.2 supports latest .CR2 RAW files including the Canon EOS 40D

Latest Changes:
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Share you Christmas gift ideas

The holiday season is getting near and I would like to publish a post with gift ideas : What to offer a photographer ?

That’s why I am calling for help from all of you
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16 billion pixels pano of the Da Vinci’s Last Supper

Pano Da Vinci Last Supper 16 billion pixels
A 16 BILLION pixels stitched panorama of Da Vinci’s famous “Last Supper” painting is now available to be viewed and enjoyed online.

16 billions pixels that’s about 1,600 times stronger than an image taken with the 10 million pixel digital camera can you imagine that?

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Canon Lenses Spreadsheet updates

You might already be familiar with John Lane‘s spreadsheet containing all of Canon mount lenses, info and ratings.

John is doing a great job tracking down these lenses and keeping his spreadsheet updated.

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MAC OS/Windows users beware

I own a MacBook laptop running Mac OS 10.4 and Microsoft Windows vista as dual boot using BootCamp. I have just noticed that my only option to go on using both Operating Systems is to upgrade to MAC OS 10.5 aka Leopard. Why ?
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