35 years later… Diana’s back

What is a Diana ?? only one interested in photography history should know about it… naturally since it has been out of production for 35 years….

In brief the Diana is a Chinese film point and shoot plastic camera as “bad as it gets”
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Your chance to get published with National Geographic

National Geographic is currently giving us, amateurs, the opportunity to have our pictures published in the prestigious National Geographic magazine on monthly basis through a new online contest and this is not an opportunity that can be taken lightly if you ask me.

I’ve recently been sent more details about this photography contest so here they are
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EOS 20th Anniversary Cash Back Promotion -Europe-

After the Canon Double Fall rebates in Canada I’ve just found out something for people in Europe.

For EOS 20th anniversary Canon is offering a cash back promotion for its Europe customers and, unlike Canadian fall rebates, the Canon EOS 40D is included.

Here is a full list of the items and their respective cash back amount

Canon has announced details of its latest cash back promotion. Purchase any of the following between 01.10.2007 and 31.12.2007 to claim back the amount shown.
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Nikon D3 Samples

Thinking of buying the new Nikon D3 or just looking for sample from this great camera to see how it performs on high ISO ?

Well guys I did some research on your behalf and here are some links fully loaded with sample from the latest Nikon DSLR beast

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Are you left or right brained ?

This is a very cool test I got today by email, it will let us know if we are more “Left brained” or “Right brained” persons.

Take a quick look at the picture below do you see the dancer turning clockwise or counterclockwise ?

Counterclockwise then you are more of a left brained person, clockwise means you are a more creative or right brained person.

Most of us will see it turning counterclockwise but try to exercise can you willingly make it turn to the other side?
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