Canon Double Fall Rebates in Canada

Here is the info for the Canon double rebates for fall 2007 in Canada

From September 29th 2007 till December 31st 2007, the product list looks rather thin on the body side with only the Canon EOS 5D, no Canon 40D 🙁 , on the list.

Anyway here is the full list
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Photographer of the week: Joel Santos

Joel is a young and motivated photographer who has already covered a great deal of different countries, locations and cultures. What amazes me most with Joel is the diversity of his captures, his eye proves to be as precious for landscape composition as it is delicate and emotive when it comes to portrait.

Since we all know that a picture worth a thousand words I’ll leave you now with a collection of hand picked pictures from Joel gallery.
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Canon EOS 40D English manual in PDF

While the Canon EOS 40D hit the market earlier than expected the only official PDF manual for it available online is in Chinese and a lot of people are looking for an English version to be able to read it before actually buying the camera.

Well I have a good news for you ladies and gents:
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Everything about Canon digital photography

While browsing internet forums today I found this a Canon online encyclopedia called Infobank that I had never heard of before and thought it would be useful to share.

This infobank contains useful articles sorted in different categories explaining in details various aspects of Canon digital photography system like Image compression, lenses, flash, sensors etc…

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Canon EOS 40D now “in stock soon” at Amazon

One week ago I’ve written a post about the Canon EOS 40D and “back then” this Digital Camera was still in pre-order and not expected to be available until late September 2007.

But since it seemed that all over internet forums people were “mysteriously” getting their hands on the EOS D40 mainly people living in Honk Kong.

But here today I was surprise to notice that Amazon(aff) changed the availability of the Canon EOS 40D on their website to “In stock soon”. So it looks like it will be hitting the mass market much sooner than expected.