Canon EOS 1Ds mark III previewed

The Canon EOS 1Ds mark III is the latest of Canon professional product line of DSLR.

Hold your breath ladies and gentlemen we are talking here about 21 megapixels, full frame sensor, dual Digic III processors, 3.0 inch screen with live view capable of capturing pictures at 5 fps.

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Canon EOS 40D previewed

The EOS 40D will come as the 6th Digital SLR in Canon’s ‘Prosumer’ product line. Being the proud owner of its predecessor, the Canon EOS 30D, since February 2006 I was really wondering what would Canon possibly add to the EOS 40D to make me long for it. Well now that I know I can honestly say that I’m already green with envy.

Here is a summary of the most important new features is this very promising DSLR
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Canon EOS 1D Mark III on flickr

I am not sure if it is really “new” but I’ve just noticed it myself.

The Canon EOS 1D Mark III is already available on Flickr Camera Finder with 182 photos uploaded yesterday.
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Canon Parks Photo Contest

Open for all US amateur photographers Canon photography in the Parks photo contest is a Landscape & Wildlife photos contest open from June 1st 2007 and till September 29th.

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17th July 2007: Non-Photography day

I’ve heard about “cancer day”, “family day”, “all saints day”, “anti-tobacco day” but honestly this is the first time I know about a “Non-Photography day”.

It is not like I am going to abide to it or anything but I just felt that the idea worth be discussed and spread.

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