The creation of a White and Black photograph by Olivier Du Tré

A few weeks ago, we featured Olivier Du Tré in our photographers of week section in this post.
Olivier’s work had some amazing black and white photography. I felt intrigued by his technique and asked him if he can share his know-how with ADIDAP Readers.

Olivier kindly agreed and wrote this tutorial that i’m proudly sharing with you. For further details, questions or feedback you can get in touch with Olivier on Twitter and Google+ , you can view all his work on his website as well.

I leave you to dive in the tutorial.

Photographer of the week: Meleah Reardon

Our photographer of the week is Meleah Reardon a fine art photographer based in Suffolk, England where she specializes in landscape, architecture and travel photography.
Meleah is inspired by nature itself, and tries to capture the essence and emotions of a scene as she remembers it.
Although she primarily uses HDR techniques, Meleah tries to find a nice balance in her post-processing methods to achieve an image that is both realistic and evokes the emotional memory of the scene.

You can view her full work on her website or get in touch via twitter.
I leave you to enjoy 10 of her selected pictures.

Photographer of the week: Cristina Otero

Our photographer of the week is Cristina Otero, a 16 years old photographer from Spain, currently living in Cádiz.
Christina started photography when she was only 13 and likes to shoot portraits and self-portraits.
Using her photography, her goal is to create characters that only exist inside her mind and show them to the world.

I’ll be sharing with you only one set of her pictures from an album called “Tutti Frutti” – Least to say that her photography is so “Exotic” and “Refreshing”.

For the full albums you can check out her deviant gallery or connect via Facebook and Twitter.

Photographer of the week: Alexander S. Kunz

Alexander is a fine art landscape and nature photography based in San Diego, CA.
He loves being outdoors and capturing the natural world with his camera. Post processing images on the computer is an essential and genuine part of his work.
Though digitally developed and enhanced, his images always retain their purity and authenticity, allowing his audience to see and feel more closely what he saw and felt upon capturing the scene.

I leave you to enjoy 10 of his selected work, for the full collection you can drop by his website or connect with Alexander on his Facebook page.

Photographer of the week: Girolamo Cracchiolo

Our photographer of the week is Girolamo Cracchiolo, a French photographer living in a city called “Chambéry”.
Girolamo does not consider himself a professional photographer, but a keen photographer.
In Girolamo’s own words :

“A photo, in my opinon will never perfectly represent reality, because reality is constantly moving and so the picture becomes a snapshot in time.

Reality has an odour and sounds, aspects that can never be captured in the static silence of a photograph.

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