DPreview.com acquired by Amazon.com

Back in 1998, Phil Askey started dpreview.com as a hobby out of his love for photography. Very quickly dpreview became one of the most popular photography forums in the websphere with over 7 million unique visitors per month!
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17 years, 1 women, 1 photograper, 1 quest

National Geographic cover
In 1984 National Geographic photography Steve McCurry took this picture of a young Afghan girl with green eyes, a picture that the world will remember forever. A picture that will make its way to become one of the 100 best National Geographic photos ever.

But these green eyes will haunt Steve McCurry for 17 years.
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Photographer of the week: 18 years of PAD and counting

6691 days ago he ” ((“I wish I knew his name”))” started a picture a day project and he never stopped since.

Yes for more than 18 years he’s been taking at least one picture per day not failing to do so one single day and I am struggling to finish my first month…

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15 min a day to improve your photography skills

A couple of days ago, April 1st, I have decided to start a PAD ” ((“Picture A Day”))” project.

A PAD means that I will be taking one picture a day for one full year, April 1st 2007 till March 31st 2008.
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Photographer of the week: Rick Loomis

© Rick Loomis

For this week I have picked out a photojournalist, a pro one “Rick Loomis”.
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