Photographer of the week: Karolina

Maybe it is my passion for horses that made me notice Karolina or maybe it is her composition that is quite different than what I’m used to see, but one thing is sure that Kaolina’s pictures are full life and energy.

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Photographer of the week

I have decided that starting today I will reserving a post per week to link to the inspiring photographer of the week. What is it about ?
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Sony Alpha announces 2 new DSLR

sony alpha

Sony annouced today that 2 new DSLR cameras targeting “high amateur” will ship this year.

Although the company didn’t reveal any name for the new models, it is clear that one of the two digital cameras will offer a “higher performance than the Alpha 100”. The camera will be equipped with a new image sensor, a BIONZ processor and armed with in body image stabilization.

Crazy photographers

Here is a collection of crazy and utterly funny pictures of photographers.
How far do they go, what they do and what they go through to get that perfect shot.

This collection was gathered through the internet each of the below pictures remains the property of its original copyright holder.

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Tamron joins the stabilized family

Tamron 28-300mm VC
Tamron unveils its new 28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 its first lens equiped with Vibration Compensation, or VC, mechanism.

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