Nikon D40x at PMA

Nikon D40x
It has been less than four month since the new Nikon D40 was released on the market and Nikon is already announcing the 10 megapixel version of its smallest DSLR.

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The one detail you might have missed about the Canon 1D mkIII

One of the most revolutionary features of the Canon EOS 1D Mark III is probably the Live View.

The 1D Mark III is the first DSLR capable of showing to its user in real time and through the LCD a preview of how the shot will look like once taken ” ((“See it in action in this Canon EOS 1D Mark III video“))”. However the point that many might have missed is that once Live View is activated the camera will lose all its capability to Auto Focus.

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Shooting birds with Nikon

Bumped into this one today of dpreview, too good not to share.

N.B.: I ignore the original picture owner for credits, but all copyrights belongs to whoever he/she is

Share your March lunar eclipse shots

Did you do it?
I really hope many of you did catch yesterday’s eclipse, if you did please add your to ADIDAP flickr group I’d love to see what each of us got.
Here is mine, what do you think?
Lunar eclipse

Time to take out that telephoto lens of yours

Here is a great photo opportunity taking place in just a few hours, an opportunity that doesn’t show up every day. We’re about to witness the first total lunar eclipse of the year 2007. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

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