The ultimate Image Quality test: 11 digital cameras

All the nag about the problems and defects of various DSLR in photography forums inspired a fellow photographers Barry Fitzgerald and Erik to build this parody showing how the same picture would have been taken from 11 well known digital cameras.
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LCD to be replaced by SED in future Canon DSLR

Starting January 29th 2007 Canon Inc. will take total control over SED Inc.SED Inc. is actually an equally owned venture between Canon and Toshiba, and turn it into a wholly owned subsidiary.

“SED, which stands for surface-conduction electron-emitter display, panels have a reputation for delivering clear and vivid images because their light-beaming technology is similar to that for old-style cathode-ray tube TVs.”

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Canon DOUBLE fall rebates extended

The deadline for the Canon double fall rebates have been extended to February 19th 2007.

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Best 10 astronomy pictures for 2006

On January 1st I did some research and gathered many site showing the best photos of the year 2006 but I sure did miss these.

So let me show you the best astronomy pictures for the year 2006 as picked by the Bad Astronomy Blog
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How to pose your model : the 1-2-3 positions

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to pose effectively your model for a photography session using the 1-2-3 positions to guarantee a static and eye catching portrait picture.

All pictures in and text in this tutorial are copyrighted to Ben from SonShine Studio.
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