Beware of fake Fake SanDisk CF Cards

This not exactly new news I know but it just look like there is a new wave of fake SandDisk Compact Flash cards. The rate is even alarming since cheap CF cards disguised as SanDisk Extreme III are more than 95% of all 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB CF listed on eBay.
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Canon vs Nikon the ultimate duel

Some pictures are just too good not to be shared, no biasing here just for the fun of it
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The flash effect

Been wondering how to take a picture with flash ?
Here is the same picture taken with and without flash that will hep you understand the flash effect
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Photos of the year 2006

Picture of the year 2006

Picture from

There is no better way to start the year 2007 than by looking back to the best pictures that made 2006
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Beautiful roads

I have so many friends and people out there that knows that I’m in love with photography that many of them forward to me emails with great pictures. Sometime I find those pictures interesting enough to share them with you.
Here is a collection I’ve been sent just a couple of days ago about “beautiful roads”.
Just a quick disclaimer, I received those by email, I’m not the copyright holder of any of them and I don’t know were they come from for credits
now all that being said, Enjoy
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