The always and never of photography

This is a compilation of the best “Always” and “Never” photography advices that were recently given on the Photography on the net photography forum.
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Nikon D40 online manual

Many people likes to get their hands on manuals and read them before actually buying a certain product.And now since the Nikon D40 is available in stocks my guess is that many of you who are thinking of buying this DSLR will try to find its manual online.
Here are two places to learn more about the Nikon D40 digital camera and download its user manual in pdf format.
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Moon exposure calculator

I have previously wrote and article about how to take successful moon pictures and today I have worked on a moon exposure calculator.
The moon exposure calculator is a tool for photographers feeling like taking pictures of the moon, it will give you the estimated shutter speed required based on your ISO, aperture, moon location, weather condition and moon phase.
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Nikon D40: a user hands on experience

Andreas, a fellow Nikon photographer and owner of a wide collection of Nikon cameras like the Nikon D2X, D2H, D200, D80 and D50, just bought last Friday the new Nikon D40 in Helsinki Finland.
What I am sharing with you here is Andreas first impressions on the Nikon D40 with his own words and terms.
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Tips on how to take successful Christmas lights pictures

how to take pictures of christmas lights
Photo by Seelview


Christmas is getting closer and closer, only 20 days to go and everyone is getting busy decorating houses and Christmas trees. I am going to try to cover in this article how the technique needed to take good Christmas lights pictures outside.
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