Give me 2 minutes and I’ll make you a better photographer

2 min better photographerThis post is dedicated to the new photographers, it is a quickly compiled set of tips to help you improve your photography skills by pin-pointing some of the common errors that can easily spoil an image and giving tips to add impact to your pictures

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Adobe Photoshop bug or Canon DPP bug?

No don’t worry nothing really serious here just found out about this and thought it would be rather funny to share it.
What do you need for the test
* Adobe Photoshop CS2
* Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP)
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Hack to edit Canon EOS 400D XTi RAW in Rawshooter

As for today, the famous RAW converter Rawshooter still does support .CR2 files from the Canon EOS 400D/XTi.
If you are a Rawshooter user and own a Canon EOS 400D here is a quick hack to solve this problem.
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Choosing a Digital Camera has never been easier

If you are about to buy your next, or first, digital camera and you are lost between all these brands well I have a good news for you.
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1 Tip for correct exposure

The camera’s built in light meter will give us accurate reading most of the time unless we are exposed to “extreme” light conditions like snow or other highly reflective material like metal in the frame.
These elements can easily fool the camera’s light meter and it is much better to use a gray or white card or even an external light meter to get a more accurate reading.

So here is a tip of what to do if you happen not to have any of those and will get you a reliable white/gray card that you will leave at home.
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