Will B&H honor the Canon EOS 400D / XTi 569.95 price?

Just a few hours after the fever of B&H photovideo pricing the new Canon EOS 400D / XTi for just $569.95 the error was correct and prices back to normal.
However during that chaotic time quite a few clients had the chance to order the Canon EOS 400D for that incredibly low price. So the question remains: will B&H photovideo honer the price they publicly made available on the internet?
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Grab your Canon EOS 400D / XTi NOW for 569.95

I agree the price looks crazy, it is less than the Canon EOS 350D / XT, and I really don’t know how much it will last but till now both the black and silver bodies are still in stock but I don’t think they will last too long.
Is it a typo error? is it a stock liquidation ? No idea but if you need/want the camera don’t ask questions grab it NOW before it is gone at
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Canon Europe: EOS 30D 150 Euro Cash Back Offers

If you live in Europe and cannot benefit from Canon fall double rebates then I have a good news for you 🙂
You can now by the Canon EOS 30D and get a cashback of €150 or £100 between 01.11.06 and 31.01.07
Canon EOS 30D Promotion

What to do if you lost your Canon Software CD

I don’t know if it ever happened to you, but if you lose/damage the Canon Software CD that ships with your Canon EOS DSLR getting your hands on a new one won’t be that easy unless you know someone that owns a Canon DSLR.
“Easy” you’d say “I will only download all the software from the net”, well wrong since those softwares are not available on the internet but only their updates.
Of course you can always give Canon a call and you will probably be charged for the new CD or use one of these two simple tricks for both Windows and OSX
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Best 18 Pictures of Year 2005

For those of you who liked Best 15 National Geographic pictures of 2005 2006 and amazing high speed photography here are, what they say to be, the best 18 pictures of the year 2005.
Is it true? I honestly don’t know but hey, who cares! they sure worth looking at.
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