Nikon Triple rebates

Just 11 days after the beginning of the Canon Double rebates Nikon, at its turn, announces its Triple rebates.
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Camera precaution AFTER shooting in cold weather

Winter is nearly here, temperature are on free fall many of us enjoy shooting outdoors in these cold conditions. Some likes to push the limits even further by shooting in extreme weather conditions like sub-zero temperatures.
Here is a very simple, yet effective tip, to protect your camera after you finish shooting in cold weatherI am not taking into consideration any prevention while shooting
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How to calculate very long exposures

We are all so used to the fact that our camera is doing all the thinking for us, focus, exposure time, aperture etc…, that most of us will simply set the camera to the automatic modeP mode on my Canon EOS 30D, or worse use of the Program modes or those among us, me for example, who strictly use the Av, TV, and M modes, even if we decide about the shutter speed, aperture and/or ISO sensitivity, we greatly rely on the camera’s light meter to get the other variable.
But what about situations where the exposure time is beyond the capability of our camera like, for instance, very long exposure times that are greater than 30seconds?
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New Canon EOS 30D firmware 1.0.5 available

The new firmware 1.0.5 for the Canon EOS 30D is now available at Canon Japan website.

Summary of changes
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How to clean your camera sensor

Dust sensor, or dust bunnies, is, for most photographers, the most feared aspect of digital photography. Everyone hates to see those dust spots on their images.
Luckily cleaning the sensor is not hard if you just know what you are doing.
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