Canon fall rebates: 20 trusted online stores

I am pretty sure that all the canonians are excited about the Canon double fall rebates that should start tomorrow October 15th 2006 and till January 15th 2007.
So if you are preparing to spend money on you photography materiel you might want to check different prices at different vendors maybe you can save yourself some precious dollars
Here is a listsorted by alphabetical order of 20 authorized and trusted online Canon resellers
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Picture of a very rich Nikon user furniture

I know this picture is somehow old, but I just have to have it on my blog 🙂
A VERY rich nikon user went to buy some furniture and he was kind enough to let us take a snapshot of his new table 😉
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DIY free digital white balance filter ExpoDisc like


ExpoDisc is a very popular digital white balance filter but somehow expensive.

To use the ExpoDisc is pretty simple,
1. Put the ExpoDisc on your lens.
2. Set your focus mode to manual.
3. Take a picture from a well lit place in the scene where you are about to shoot
4. Set your camera to custom white balance
5. Select the image you just took took as the white balance reference
6. Set your focus mode back to Auto if you want
7. Use this white balance for all other shots in that place

Now here is a trick to achieve very good white balance results just the same way but free 🙂 all you have to do is replace your ExpoDisc by a pringles can cover and use it the exact same way specified above, it will virtually work as well as the ExpoDisc.

I know there are many professional photographers out there that are going kill me for saying that the results are as good as the ExpoDisc, but for an amateur like me the results are more than satisfactory and will save me some bucks.

I read this trick somewhere on the web a few weeks agoI don’t remember the website for the credits sorry and tested it this weekend believe me it worth a try.

Here is another tips, if you prefer the white card manner you can also use the grey cover of the film protectors, it also works as a charm.

Pocket PC for Photographers

I have decided to make a list of Pocket PC softwares that can be useful for photographers and can of used for all of us in the field.

I will start by a classic that I always keep installed on my Pocket PC and use often specially in tricky lighting conditions when I am not sure I can rely on my camera’s light meter.
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DIY: Ring flash


I love to try different stuff in photography but one of my main problems is, like everyone else, MONEY. So I can’t always allow myself to pay for new material specially when I know it won’t be more than a fantasy.That’s why I love so much the do it yourself projects and I am constently seeking for them.

Here are 4 different resources for DIY project to build your own cheap flash ring
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