Canon EOS XTi / 400D hands on experience

I had the chance to play a bit with Canon EOS XTi / 400D a few days ago, and as onwer of a Canon EOS 30D, I must admit I was very positively surprised.

If someone asked me “Should we get the Canon EOS XTi / 400D or the Canon EOS 30D?” just last week I would have directly answered the Canon EOS 30D but today I might have a different answer.
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Nikon firmware for D200, D2X and D2Hs

Nikon has today issued firmware version 2.0 for three of its digital SLRs. The D200 gets support for the WT-3 wireless transmitter and image authentication via the menu (the use of which requires optional software). Updates to the D2X and D2Hs are far more extensive (probably the largest list of updates we’ve ever seen implemented by firmware) and include additional ISO settings on the D2X, auto-focus improvements, changes to menu options, new image processing options and playback information.

Source | DPReview

Best 15 National Geographic pictures of 05 06

I have just received by email those 15 pictures, the email title claims that they are the best National Geographic pictures for the year 2005 2006, they are simply gorgeous, needless to say that I am not the owner nor the copyright holder of any, I am just sharing them for the pleasure of your and my eyes. Click on each for full size image.
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Top 10 reasons why you should NOT buy the Canon EOS 5D

I have been inspired by a recent thread at DPreview where a fellow user was asking for reasons why he should NOT buy the Canon EOS 5D.
This thread turned out to be very interesting with 90+ responses and I thought it might be of use for anyone currently considering to buy a Digital Camera, specially with the upcoming Canon fall rebates, so what is found in this post is just the 10 top given answers, in the thread stated above, sorted in no particular order.
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Canon DOUBLE fall rebates

This year’s Canon Fall rebates will be double from October 15th 2006 till Jan 1st 2007 as shown in November issue of Popular Photography & Imaging
“Buy any one of the eligible Canon products on this page and receive the single rebate value. Buy two or more and receive double rebate value for each item! Offer begins 10/15/06 and ends 1/15/07.”
It’s on Calumet Photographic’s ad, page 107.

Here is some of the rebate info:
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