Demystifying Ansel Adam’s Zone System

Here is an article written by full time professional photographer, and owner of Balsman photography, Kim Balsman.
The purpose of this article is to help us understand Ansel Adam’s famous zone system.

This article was posted here with the consentment of its writer.
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You know HDR, discover HDTR…

I think we all know that we can use the beauty of digital photography to overcome many of our camera’s shortcomings.
Many of us can’t afford, or don’t need, a panoramic camera but for those who still love to shoot panoramic images, we know we can just take overlapping images of the scene and stitch them afterwards.
If investing in a Neutral Density Graduated filter is too much and we still want to take successfully images of wide dynamic range scenes, we know we can just take multiple pictures each exposed for a different part of the scene and then merge them in the digital dark room (this process is called HDR – High Dynamic Range -).
Although I’ve been a photography lover for about 4 years and, I must admit, this is the first time I hear about HDTR (High Dynamic Time Range).
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Don’t try this at home

Guys this is PURE crime

Canon M30/M80 revealed

Canon today launches the portable devices, designed with EOS and other digital photographers in mind. The Canon Media Storage M30 and Canon Media Storage M80 devices feature a large ultra-bright 3.7” TFT screen with 160º viewing angle for image and video review, and a 30Gb/80Gb hard disk to store digital images, movie and sound files of various file formats. Both the Canon Media Storage M30 and Canon Media Storage M80 feature a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface and slots for CF and SD cards. With their tough, robust magnesium alloy bodies and intuitive navigation familiar to EOS owners, the devices add an important link to the workflow chain of professional photojournalists and photographers on location, outdoor and expedition shoots. The Canon Media Storage M30 and Canon Media Storage M80 are also expected to be popular with the increasing body of every-day photographers looking for new ways to store and display favourite shots and extend storage capacity whilst away from the computer.

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DIY Panoramic Tripod Head


Do you love panoramas? Have you ever tried to throw in that stitching software 5 or 6 pictures you have taken hoping to get a good panoramic picture just to discover how lousy you were in keeping your hand straight?
I know I sure did, and the last time I remember I searched for a panoramic head for my tripod hoping to finaly get into this lovely kind of photography, I was turned down by the $300 – $500 range price of those special tripod heads.

Well I think that I will finally have the chance to try once again panoramas with a higher chance of success for about $10
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