All Canon Lenses in one spreadsheet

This is a very useful spradsheet done by Jhon Lane showing all lenseseven discontinued ones that can fit Canon mounts their manufacturer, their internet price, reviews, filter size, lense hood etc…

FAQ: Canon EF 100 400 L IS

I am about to buy the Canon EF 100 400 L f/4.5 f/5.6 lensso i don’t have it yet ;) so I have read many many threads about it in different forums and I am trying to build a “Frequently Asked Questions” list to save time for anyone who wants to buy it in the future.

If you happen to read this thread and feel there is any FAQ I missed, please kindly add it in the comment and I will update the list

DIY 4 Channels Wireless Camera Remote for Canon


Here is a tutorial on how to build a 4 channels wireless remote control for you Canon EOS camera.
The total cost of this project is around $50.

All needed materials can easily be found at ebay and radioshack

What do Camera Settings Mean?

This article is written by a fellow photographer Ariel lepor and is being posted on with his permission

Sometimes I, like many photographers, mention the camera’s settings when posting a photograph or when explaining how to set a camera for different types of photography. These settings look much like this: f/2.8, 1/125s, 400mm, ISO: 200. These are the lens’s and sensor’s specifications during the shot and are controlled by the camera automatically or by the photographer manually on the lens or in manual mode (M), program mode (P), aperture priority (A or Av), shutter priority (S or Tv), the camera’s zoom controls, and internal menus.

Vote for your preferred photographer

I think it would be interesting to see among the photography community who is currently considered the best living photographer.

I know I missed many, please feel free to add yours