Picasa 2.5 Easter Egg

Just 2 days ago Picasa released it’s new version 2.5 and I had the chance to share my thoughts about it, and today an easter egg in it has already been found out.

So what is this easter Egg?

Feeling fat? Buy HP Photosmart

Come one honestly :) HP is now including with its digital camera a digital sliming effect hehehe

You don’t beleive me? you think I am kidding check this

Is it the end of photography ?

With the amazing technology world we are living in, and the revolution of Computer Generated Imagery – CGI – are we, photographers, doomed to an end?

Well I think that the answer is pretty obvious NO but still one can’t but be in awe in front of the real looking objects completely created and generated by today’s computers.

A few examples: Go to James Taylor’s website and click on CGI or at Air CGI

Info source | here

Free Coloured gel filters for your Speedlight Flash


Here is a nice little trick I found on a web forum about how you can get free coloured gel filters for you Canon (and probably other brands) flashguns.

Google launch Picasa 2.5 -My thoughts-

I’ve been a google lover for a long time, and this love only increased when they bought Picasa.

I use Picasa to catalogue, search and view more than 50,000 picture and have been using the beta of version 2.5 for quite some time and I honestly think it has improved.