Free Flickr MiniCards

Do you have a flickr pro account? Do you like Free stuff? Then this news is for you :)

Moo is now introducing what they call, “Flickr MinCards”. Those are 28x70mm cards with one of your flickr pictures printed on one side and any text you like on the other.

The price of this gadget? $19.99 for a pack of 100

So what’s in there for me? The good news is that Moo is giving out a free pack of 10 flickr MiniCards for any flickr pro user.

Tips on how to take successful moon pictures

How to take moon pictures
Photo by Joseph M Zawodny


In this article I will try to cover the photography technique required to take good pictures of the moon. I have been for a long time fascinated by moon landscapes pictures and by pictures of the moon alone and wondered for a long time how can those pictures be accomplished. However, after some personal experience, it turned out that shooting the moon is not that hard.

The challenges

If you ever tried to take a moon landscape or, to put it in other terms, a landscape showing a moon you have certainly felt those two pressing problems

Free Photography Release Forms Templates

I recently happened to need a photography model release form to make it sign to someone. So here I was on the net searching and looking for such photography forms and I ended up by findind a few.

This reminds me of my wife and I :)

As soon as this picture opened on blaugh my wife told me “Typical us hein” :)

Why shoot to the right


The purpose of this article is to highlight and explain why it is important in digital photography to expose your picture so that the histogram is pushed as much as possible to the right (towards the white) without, however, clipping it.

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