Angry, tiered or overloaded… destress

He he just found this flash one on the net, simply had to share it 🙂 I know it is not related to photography, nor to photoshop 🙂 but still useful during a stressing day

Original page here

Google Maps for photographers

John Williams created a community where us, photographers, can share,find and provide details about our favorite photography places such as landscapes, panoramas, wildlife, wildflowers, waterfalls, cityscapes, canyons etc…
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Canon new picture style

Although this might not be new news, but I’ve noticed just today that on canon website there is a new picture style file to be downloaded called “Autumn Hue”.

Autumn Hue is the 5th addition of picture style on canon website after Nostalgia, Clear, Twilight and Emerald.

Canon custom picture style can be downloaded on you camera if you have a Canon EOS 5D, 30D or 400D or can be used with any raw file using the new version of Canon Digital Photo Professional software also known as DPP.

Download all Canon custom picture styles at canon web site

Funny Pamela Anderson x-ray

I know this is not exactly new but I find this xray picture of Pamela Anderson really funny
Pamela Anderson xray

Canon EOS 30D ISO v/s noise

A very interesting thread has been going on and on for the last 2 weeks on dpreview. One of the members, John Sheehy, posted the following graph showing the Canon EOS 30D Blackframe Noise.
Canon EOS 30D blackframe noise
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