Photography cheat sheet

Gordon McKinney is maintaining a wonderfull photography cheat sheet featuring

* Exposure Value (EV) Reference Table.
* Sun Altitude, Shadow Factor and Average Sky EV.
* Sun Tracking Software Links.
* Canon Flash Guides, 580EX, 550EX, 430EX.
* Nikon Flash Guides, SB-800, SB-600, SB-80DX.
* Contrast ratio tables (delta EV and Aperture)
* “New Rule” handheld shutter speeds, Canon & Nikon.
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DIY Flash bounce card and a soft box


Today I was feeling like getting my hands dirty, so I went on surfing the net for some Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, and instead of just one I found 2 very promising projects
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Canon EOS 400D reviewed by 300D/350D owners

While the Canon EOS 400D is hitting the market, many are thinking of either upgrading their Canon EOS 300D/350D or just making the final jump in the DSLR world. But what to buy the new Canon EOS 400D or the Canon EOS 30D ?

This article is a summary of threads and mini reviews written by new Canon EOS 400D/xti owners most of them previously owning Canon EOS 300D or 350D.

***Disclaimer*** I don’t own a Canon EOS 400D all that is written is taken from stuff I read on internet forums
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Tips on shooting good landscape


The question rose on dpreview a few days ago “How to shoot sunsets?” and resulted in a very interesting thread of 42 posts.

In this article I will try, once more, to summarize this thread while also introducing to it some of my personal knowledge since I’m quite a landscape photography lover.

N.B.: I have changed the title from sunset to landscape since most probably the original poster meant “shooting landscape at sunset”
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Free street photography ebook

Have you ever dreamt of adventuring in street photography? I know I did and still am, but never really knew where to start and my envy wasn’t strong enough to justify buying a book or ebook about the subject.

Well I found today something to get me started in street photography, a free ebook by Chris Weeks available for download

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