The creation of a White and Black photograph by Olivier Du Tré

A few weeks ago, we featured Olivier Du Tré in our photographers of week section in this post.
Olivier’s work had some amazing black and white photography. I felt intrigued by his technique and asked him if he can share his know-how with ADIDAP Readers.

Olivier kindly agreed and wrote this tutorial that i’m proudly sharing with you. For further details, questions or feedback you can get in touch with Olivier on Twitter and Google+ , you can view all his work on his website as well.

I leave you to dive in the tutorial.

How did you shoot this? … is contagious

... is contagious (2012-05-11_EOS 5D Mark II_101-7920)

I took a long afternoon nap and I knew, from the moment I woke up, that I had done a mistake. I knew I was heading for a long sleepless night, so I decided to make something worthwhile of it and, since I was in no mood for work, I decided to play with fire (literally).

I’ve always wanted to take a pic of a match as soon as it starts burning but, since I couldn’t figure out how to do that, I tried something different and this was how I ended up with “… is contagious”

How did you shoot this? There’s Always One

This is a guest post by Nick Wheeler. Nick is a wonderful photographer with a lot of ingeniosity in his setups and generous in his knowledge. Today he is sharing with us the setup behind his “There’s Always One” picture.

There's Always One (by nickwheeleroz)