How do you archive your pictures? or am I too paranoid?

Initially I was going to simply ask you “How do you archive your pictures” on facebook and google+ then I thought that maybe it would be better to give some insight on the workflow I follow myself since it might help the discussion.

As of today, I am sitting on a little bit more than 100k pictures and a bit more less than 1 terabytes of data, 85%+ out of which are photography related: Original pictures, Retouched Versions, layered edits etc… and there have very high value to me. I could easily imagine myself loosing, stolen/corruption/failure, the hardware but not any of my data.

HDR Photography [Poll]

I have been experimenting with some HDR photography and I have a question for all you HDR photographers out there

Do you like surreal HDR ?
Do you prefer more natural ones ?

I left a poll here for you to answer. It would be interesting to see the general trend about HDR . Also please feel free to post links to some of your HDR work in the comment for some extra inspiration for us all :)

HDR Photography [Poll]
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How big is your Adobe Lightroom catalog? [Poll]

A question to all Adobe Lightroom users out there!

I am nearing 70k pictures in my Lightroom catalog and it is growing up steadily, I am very reluctant in splitting to many catalogs because I like the idea to be able to search for all my pictures in on single place.

So how big is your catalog ? Any idea what is the performance limit of Adobe Lightroom 2.x catalogs ?

I have read it is much better than the 1.x version but I am looking for real life experience.

Time to run or time to shoot? [Poll]

If encountered a risky situation with your camera at hand, would you run or would you stop and shoot ?

A long time adidap reader and friend MIR is interested to know how far would a photographer go or how much would you risk to take a picture.

So if trapped in a hurricane, fire, war or other risky situation would you first think of fleeing away or grab some picture first?

Have you already faced this choice?

What would make you run? what would make you stand and shoot? is it the money? fame? sharing and transmitting the "moment" that otherwise would be lost ? …

What’s your new year photography resolution ?

Christmas is here and the year is quickly reaching its end. It is the time of the year when we all start thinking about how we can make our life better and taking new year resolutions.

From a photography point of view I want to shoot more, think less about gear and technology and more about pictures.

I would really be interested in reading about your new year photography resolution so feel free to drop a comment about it and, if you care to share the best tip or trick you’ve learned in 2008 you can do it here.

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