What’s the best tip/trick you’ve learned in 2008 ?

A discussion more than a poll but I think it would be really interesting if one could look back at 2008 and share the best tip/trick he/she learned about photography during that year.

For me it is probably that I’ve learned to handhold the ND filter in front of the polarizers instead of using a filter holder for wide angle shots.

I’ve bee struggling with vignetting caused by the filter holder when coupled with a polarizer on my tokina 12-24 and then fellow photographer in DPReview suggest I should simply drop the filter holder and handhold the filter in front of the lens instead.

The idea sounded pretty crazy for me at first but with some practice it is rather easy, I’ve taken shots like that as long as 1 min exposure with virtually no shake.

Ok granted it is not practical if you like to have a hot chocolate while waiting for your shot but it is the best solution I’ve found so far.

So what’s your tip for 2008 ?

Are you ready for ADIDAP 2010 Calendar ? [Poll]

The end of November will witness the birth of the first ADIDAP calendar made out of the best 12 pictures of our flickr group voted by you.

I am really tempted to repeat this experience in throughout 2009 and have another calendar ready for 2010.

So would you be interested in the idea ? Any comments/suggestions on improving this ?

There will be no voting system since I am interested in hearing you opinion, so just drop a comment.

Do you watermark your pictures? [Poll]

This is somehow a follow-up discussion on a previous poll but I’d like to know if you tend to watermark the pictures you publish on the web and why.

If you do it, is it because obvious reasons or only on specific site ? If not is it because you don’t really care about seeing your pictures used or because you don’t think anyone would use it anyway.

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For DSLR Owners Do you use a P&S regularly ? [Poll]

I started photography 5 years ago with a Minolta dImage, sold it after 3 months got myself a Canon 10D and never used a Point and Shoot camera again.

We do have a P&S that my wife keeps in he bag but I rarely (if ever) use it. So what about you (d)SLR users do you shoot with your P&S regularly and, if so, in what occasions.


Hello my name is Joe and I’m color blinded ! [Poll Results]

Another surprising poll result here at adidap !

The surprise is not that 76% of readers are not color blinded but that 100% of colors blinded who answered this poll shoot in colors.

In fact out of the 108 votes we got 24 people who contributed are color blinded and they all shoot in color.

Make sure to read the comments on this poll, the contribution and experience shared is really very interesting.

poll color blinded