38% of photographers are paranoiac! [Poll Results]

Back in June I have posted asking how you felt about sharing your pictures on the internet and the risk of having them used without previous permission.

The poll got about 150 votes 45% of which were not really concerned about seeing their pictures stolen and 38% admitting their were afraid of copyright violation.
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Are you color blinded? [Poll]

A question that has been killing me quite sometimes.
Color blindness is pretty common and I am sure that, at least, some of color blinded people should love photography.

What I am trying to know is if color blinded photographers shoot in color or only in B&W. I would be really interested in reading your experience instead of just voting.

So if you suffer from color blindness and are a photographer, drop down a comment
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Are you paranoid about your work? [Poll]

I have noticed a lot of people are rather worried about their work to be copied/used on the internet without permission so they watermark their pictures while others, equally good photographers, have no problems sharing fair resolution of their photos under Creative Common license or such.
I am not trying to judge anyone here, I totally understand why someone would not want his pictures used without previous permission however I am just trying to find out if their is a whatsoever relation between watermarking/protecting and being a pro. i.e. if most people trying to protect their work actually make a living from photography.


50% of photographers are LEFT eyed !!! [Poll Results]

Oh MY GOD, now that’s a real surprise !!!

When I think that most photographers I know here in Lebanon look at me as if I was an alien because I’m left eyed. Out of the 200 votes we got on the left eyed or right eyed poll 100 are left eyed.

Here is the full break down of the results
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Share your funny story

Not exactly a poll but I would like to hear your funny stories ! You know those weird things people tend to tell you when they see you carrying your gear ?

Stuff like “Oh, so that’s your camera !! no wonder you take such great pictures”, or even “Do you use this lens to spy on your neighbors or what ?”

well both of these happened to me, let’s hear yours !